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Fellowship Program

The GNOHA Fellowship Program began in 2014 to provide support to GNOHA staff and to facilitate deeper connections between partner organizations, GNOHA members, and the housing community at large. GNOHA Fellows work full-time for either GNOHA staff or with a GNOHA member organization. The fellowship offers a unique opportunity for highly motivated and qualified individuals to learn about New Orleans housing issues from a wide array of experienced affordable housing professionals. Through the mentorship of these professionals, Fellows develop the skills necessary to begin advocating for affordable, equitable, and safe housing in New Orleans and beyond.

The GNOHA Fellowship Team helps foster communication and collaboration by:

  1. Liaising between GNOHA’s standing committees;
  2. Coordinating HousingNOLA’s working groups and community engagement efforts;
  3. Advocating for affordable housing policy via communication with local, state, and federal agencies;
  4. Contributing to affordable housing grant-writing efforts;
  5. Coordinating GNOHA monthly meetings; and
  6. Attending, presenting and/or tweeting for community events and public hearings. 

While GNOHA Fellows have a variety of backgrounds, educational attainment, and job experience, each demonstrates a commitment to the recovery of the city of New Orleans and the development of a more affordable, equitable, and safe housing stock.