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Smart Housing Mix CZO Amendments and Incentive Package: The Smart Housing Mix Ordinance and Incentive package were approved the New Orleans City Council. The CEA between partners for implementation was also completed and read into the City Council.

Sen. Regina Barrow's Senate Bill 109: Approved in June, SB 109 extends the foster care age from 18 to 21, will help avoid the devastating outcomes many fostered youth encounter without resources and support, and will give them access to more housing opportunities.

New Soft Seconds Funding: The City of New Orleans allocated $3 million to the Soft Second Mortgage Program for 2019 which created dozens of first time homeowners. The program provides families at 80% AMI with up to 35k in closing costs and down payment assistance

FANO Green Mortgage Product: The Finance Authority of New Orleans will be launching a Green Mortgage for homeowners to make energy efficiency, wind protection, or storm water management improvements.

Local ITEP Control: The Legislature almost took away local control of the Industrial Tax Exemption Program, but it didn’t get past the legislature on the final day of session.

Sen. Carter's Property Tax Relief Bills 79/80: The constitutional amendment passed would have allowed New Orleans to provide tax relief to homeowners at risk of losing their homes and small landlords like those in the expiring Small Rental Property Program in exchange for affordable housing.

Short-Term Rental Regulations: The New Orleans City Council also passed stronger STR regulations, requiring more of operators and platforms to be in compliance, such as needing homestead exemption in residential neighborhoods and increased fees.

No-Tie HANO Board: The Housing Authority of New Orleans now has 9 Board members instead of 8, so there can no longer be a tie with the Board.

15% LIHEAP Weatherization Budget: The EEFA-LA coalition was able to increase the LIHEAP budget for weatherization from 12% to 15% at the LHC. Community Action groups will get 85% of the funds to assist utility assistance for those that need it.

HANO New Vouchers: HANO received 100 new vouchers.

Entergy Rate Case: The New Orleans City Council approved Entergy New Orleans Rate Case resolution, expected to reduce residential utility bills by $34 annually. The minimum rate will remain at $8.07 and Entergy’s return on equity (ROE) was reduced from 11.1% to 9.35%.

Smart Housing Mix Implementation: The Cooperative Endeavor Agreement between partners for implementation was also completed and read into the City Council.