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HANO’s Small Area Fair Market Rent Study was started in the beginning of the year in effort to get more landlords to accept voucher and get more residents in areas of high opportunity. HANO is currently still offering exemption payments for interested landlords.

Master Plan Amendments which increases the density along certain high transit areas, allowing for the development and production of affordable housing near high frequency transit hubs.

Increased HUD Budget Allocation from Congress within the fiscal year 2018 omnibus spending package with significant increases for affordable housing and community development programs. 10% overall for HUD programs compared to FY 2017.

Sen. Regina Barrow’s SCR 10 and Sen. Ryan Gatti’s Senate Bill 129 (Act 649) are designed to help youth aging out of foster care. The former requests the Department of Children and Family Services begin studying the extension of the age of foster care to age twenty-one; while the other will raise the age to 21 while still in school, so young adults can graduate high school and still receive support from the foster parents, ensuring support as they transition.

Sen. JP Morrell Property Tax Bill, SB 164 is a constitutional amendment that required a statewide vote to authorize the phase-in, over a four year period, of increases in ad valorem taxation under certain circumstances, such as the assessed value on a residential property with homestead exemption increasing by greater than 50%. This bill will gives homeowners time to pay their property taxes as their communities are gentrifying at alarming rates.

Sen. Ed Price Security Deposit Bill, SB 466 gives tenants the right to recover any portion of their security deposit wrongfully retained, and $300 or twice the amount of the portion of the security deposit wrongfully retained, whichever is greater, starting January 1, 2019.

Short Term Rental Interim Zoning District was passed in May 2018 and prohibited any issuance or renewal of a Temporary STR permit or license.

Inclusionary Zoning Veto: SB 462 was an attempt to ban municipal and parish governments from establishing inclusionary zoning policies by changing the language to voluntary economic incentive policies. The bill was passed in both the House and Senate. Our collective advocacy against SB 462 eventually led to Gov. John Bel Edwards vetoing the bill.

Smart Housing Mix Text Amendments: The Community Development Committee of the City Council unanimously approved the CPC studying the implementation of the Smart Housing Mix, which would establish a mandatory inclusionary zoning policy in New Orleans.

New Soft Second Funding available through City of New Orleans partnership with the Finance Authority of New Orleans and utilizing program income from post-Katrina D-CDBG funding program.

American Housing and Economic Mobility Act Introduction, which will reduce rent costs and provide greater access to homeownership through first-time homebuyer payment assistance.

Neighborhood Housing Advisory Committee Amendments provide effective dates for the term of committee (yearly starting in January), to supplement qualifications for membership, to establish schedules for the conduct of public hearings (starting no later than June 1st of the year), submission of recommendations and other information to the Mayor, Chief Administrative Officer, and to the City Council for approval.

The National Flood Insurance Program (NFIP) was extended several times throughout the year with the final extension expiring on May 31, 2019.